Monday, June 21, 2010

I want to be Batman when I grow up.

I’ve been struggling for quite some time to get inspired and update this blog. Granted, it has only been six months so I don’t think anyone can really be too upset with me for failing on such an epic scale. But I just didn’t feel like I could live up to my original goals. I never felt that I had anything to add when there are already so many great blogs run by thoughtful educators.

I really wanted to start writing again because I’m going to China in less than a week and this will be the best way for me to record my travels and to communicate with the folks at home that I haven’t been shot in the head for crimes against crimes against humanity. But even then, the idea of writing an “I’m going to China in one week” post didn’t sit right with me either.

There must be a way of going about this that can make me passionate about writing again. Once upon a time, I kept a blog where I used fake names for my friends - because the Internet was dangerous before lolcats - and whined about how hard it was to be male, middle class, and white. So I’ll do something honest instead of pretending I’m going to be the next big thing in the teacher blogosphere or writing cookie cutter posts.

And if I’m really being honest then I have to ask myself, “What would Batman do?”

Answers to WWBD
  1. Batarang.
  2. Stand on a gargoyle, be melancholy.
  3. Convince a small boy to wear inappropriate fetish crimefighting outfit.
  4. Dedicate life to a meaningful cause.

If you’re not down with Bats then you need to reconsider the direction your life is taking. Two years ago, I jokingly told a girl that I wanted to be Batman and then I took the joke much farther than anyone with social skills would and then I ended up seeing it as a truly meaningful way of looking at my life.

The Batman dedicated his life to fighting crime and in order to achieve his goal he traveled the world, honed his skills, and got a cape. I am dedicating my life to fighting ignorance and in order to achieve my goal I want to travel the world, hone my skills, and convince my administration that a cape and cowl are necessary for my pedagogy.

And now it all makes sense. Right?

I’m going to China! This is part of my bat-journey to bat-greatness!

At some point before I leave on June 28, I’ll make sure to explain why I want to go to China and what my goals are for this adventure. And in the meantime, I’ll be happy that I finally updated my blog with a post that felt authentic to who I am as a person, a teacher, and a learner.

And this is important because I want you to be part of it. I could easily jot down some notes on this trip and move on but I want to share what I learn and to direct my inquiries based on the input of my peanut gallery of friends, family, peers, students, and random online stalkers. You’re my Alfreds, Robins, Batwomans, Batgirls, Ace the Bat-Hounds, Commissioner Gordons, Bat-Mites, Catwomans, Supermans, and even Jokers.

Batman is nothing without his supporting cast. And I’m nothing without you.

Except awesome. Batman and I are both awesome with or without you. Also, humble.